Head Body Connector

Psymon Spine


STREET DATE: February 23, 2024

Head Body Connector is the third offering from Noah Prebish, Peter Spears, and Brother Michael Rudinski’s Psymon Spine project. It is a record that relishes in the heady, the psychedelic, the abstraction of temporality as we know it. Head Body Connector is a studio record from a band obsessed with production. It’s also a record that more so than any other Psymon release is interested in explicitly sounding live. It’s a guitar-forward album. Something that is ready-made to be performed. It features Liquid Liquid’s Dennis Young’s percussion and Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors, FLYLO, The Roots) on backing vocals as well as long time collaborator Sabine Holler. Head Body Connector also saw the induction of two longtime friends of the band, drummer Zeb Stern and singer/guitarist Sarah Aument, both on tour and in the studio.

Releases February 23, 2024.

Brother Michael Rudinski – Engineer, Mixer, Producer
Mike Bloom – Mixer
Josh Bonati – Mastering Engineer
Noah Prebish – Producer
Peter Spears – Producer

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