Mr. Metronome / Drums Valentino

Psymon Spine


STREET DATE: December 7, 2021

“Mr. Metronome” and “Drums Valentino” were among the first song ideas Psymon Spine came up with when writing their sophomore record, ‘Charismatic Megafauna’. They were written near the end of a two year hiatus, during which individual members of the band spent time pursuing other projects. Following the break, everyone was hungry to make a new Psymon Spine record, and together they began exploring the sonic palette that would define the album. This exploratory process left the group with “Mr. Metronome” and “Drums Valentino,” two outliers that didn’t quite fit on ‘Charismatic Megafauna’, but certainly belonged together.

The ‘Mr. Metronome / Drums Valentino’ 7″ — out Dec. 7 via Northern Spy — explores the opposite ends of Psymon Spine’s sound and vibe. While “Mr. Metronome” is high-energy and synth-centric, drawing on electronic/dance artists (such as Kraftwerk and Soulwax), “Drums Valentino” is more plaintive, and at times almost medieval-sounding. Both tracks, however, begin with a percussion loop and end with a wonky bongo solo.

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