Split Cassette

Angels in America / Weyes Blood


STREET DATE: October 8th, 2011


Chronicling the Baltimore underground lo-fi groups Angels in America (Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten) and Weyes Blood (Natalie Mering), this limited edition split cassette reaches for the depths of melancholy angst and is sure to mesmerize even the thickest skinned audiophile. The haunting voices of Angels echo along atmospheric landscapes while enthralling the listener with a sense of karmic doom and heroin-like bliss. On the flip side awaits the psychedelic neo-folk sounds of Weyes Blood, a throwback to what was once the sound of the drop-out revolution, now ringing like a bell of a new unsatisfied generation. This split release will be limited to 100 chrome cassettes featuring original artwork by Merv and Moppy.

Featured Artists:
Angels in America (Moppy Pont and Merv Glisten)
Weyes Blood (Natalie Mering)

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