STREET DATE: November 8th, 2011


Avant heavyweights ZS bring you a rare four-sided vinyl dreamscape of thunderous bass and infectious rhythm with their debut recording for Norther Spy. As you flip the wax from side to side, the picking and popping of this abstract dub will clean your brain and push you to the brink of dance and transcendental bliss. The limited edition double 7” is encased in a silk screened fold out sheath, delicately assembled for the true collector. Recorded at Brooklyn’s Python Patrol and mastered at Pike’s Point, the intentionally dense sounds on these tracks take the conventional wave form and turn it on its ear.

In the tradition of underground urban abstractions, the music here is quite undefinable. If Mark Rothko were in Tinariwen when ZS were all growing up in DC as high school students in the early nineties, they might have made this record, and opened for Nation of Ulysses. If Ellsworth Kelly had taken up the banjo instead of painting, if Barnet Newman was a gangster rapper, they may have come up with aural musing such as these, but in the end, this music could only come from one group, place and time. The creative cauldron of Brooklyn in 2011 and by no other trio but Sam Hillmer, Ben Greenberg and Ian Antonio. ZS – 33

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