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  3. I am not good…first time I have answered that honestly in a very long time. I have no one to share/complain to that would not make a hasty judgement. I am sad and unhappy, and it feels so good to say it for once. – Thank You !

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  5. What is the difference between recumbent bike &stationary bike?What is the exact difference between a recumbent bike and a stationary bike? I have an Edge 280 which has a “bucket” seat, and it does NOT have an actual “wheel” that spins when you pedal. Does this sound like it’s recumbent or stationary? Thanks.

  6. The first time I watched this movie I cried my eyes out. I agree he should be buried next to his master only his bones were buried there. They can always make one that looks just like him. I am a lover of animals I just lost my Prince a year ago he was 16 years old I have his ashes. I have watched this movie at least 7 times now. We can all learn from this amazing dog.

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  9. Send all unwanted peas my way. LOVE them. Have you read The Poisonwood Bible yet? Brilliant. Only book I`ve ever finished and started re-reading immediately, and got more out of it the second time. Be patient with it at first. It pays off. Especially if you know anything about anthropology, or the political situation in the Congo.

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  14. I am afraid of fish. It is completely irrational and started when I was a young girl. Every nightmare I have involves fish–being stuck in the ocean or being on the fish aisle of a pet store when an earthquake hits, causing all the fish to crash out of the tanks on to me. It is ichthyophobia.

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  27. then why mention the Singapore system at all?there are cash-pay systems in the world that are very different than the Singapore system.why not name those countries as the ones who most emulate what you favor?no strawmen here…I'm just asking why you even mention Singapore rather than the countries who are actually cash-pay that you support?name those countries Morg….

  28. joyluck / David- Please sing some new songs on tour from MOTAB and Who I Am, Senseless, Nothing Else Better to Do. I would also love to hear songs from your Asian CD- Everything and More, Love Don’t Hate, and of course Wait. All beautiful and beautiful live. See you soon.

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  36. andreina Hi Kristy, If I eliminate someone’s posts from my wall by clicking them off the “news feed” option would that do the same the other way around? In other words, would that eliminate my posts from their news feeds? Thank you!

  37. You’re right – ick, ick, ick! I liked your old design better; it was clean and simple, uncluttered, and – while not spectacularly unique – it wasn’t a “blogspot template” look. It helped readers (well, me, anyway) concentrate on what you had to say, instead of all sorts of bells and whistles as a distraction… Besides, the colors are really kind of… muddy. Put the color-picker down, and move AWAY from the gray tones! LOL

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  39. hey Shieldmaiden and Jedibabe: I am now on facebook, under my real name (shieldmaiden knows it; I think Jedibabe does). Fred hasn’t been on in awhile … I am waiting for him to OK the friend request I sent. So yes, at long last, about 10 days ago I finally joined the rest of the world on facebook. The invitation is open to Christ, too, who also knows my carefully concealed (to protect the innocent) identity.

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  61. Chad. I also believe that VXX has done its job quite well — relative to its target and components.My main point is that many investors have not internalized that VXX (and VIX options) are not going to move in concert with the cash/spot VIX, but rather VIX futures.If expectations are based on the futures, then there should be very little disconnect, but this is often not the case.Cheers,-Bill

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  64. I love your story.  It’s amazing how many of yours were reversal babies!  We donated all our baby stuff to the church after baby #4 came along.  I thought four children was all we would ever be able to handle.  We now have 6 children and want more!  LOL

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