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  • Northern Spy Acquires NNA Tapes, Guerilla Toss Returns for EP Out This Fall

    We’ve loved NNA Tapes since before Tom Abbs and I started Northern Spy Records. Their focused aesthetic and clean spines quickly filled up a shelf in my room. Our labels have already been growing in parallel, working with like-minded progressive artists with a similar ambition for a lasting record label.  This acquisition will give NNA longevity and its artists more resources with which to thrive. We’re psyched for what’s to …

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  • Tōth

    On his second solo album as Tōth, You And Me And Everything, Rubblebucket cofounder Alex Toth embarks on a journey of transformation and self-discovery. Surrounded by cascading folk rock, celebratory horns, and jaunty piano, he finds himself falling in love after the dissolution of a 12-year-long relationship and learning how to deal with deep-seated grief. …

  • Wume



    LIP TALK is the moniker of Sarah K. Pedinotti, an experimental pop producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. She’s a frequent collaborator and player in numerous bands, including Kalbells, Hayley Williams Band, The Secret Machines, Cuddle Magic and Okkervil River. This year LIP TALK rolled out eight music videos announcing her sophomore album, …

  • SUSS

    What would it sound like if ambient pioneer Brian Eno had produced the Western film scores of Ennio Morricone? We’ll never know, but we’re now a step closer thanks to SUSS, an NYC quintet whose members (Bob Holmes, Pat Irwin, Gary Leib, Jonathan Gregg and William Garrett) have worked in various capacities with Lydia Lunch, …

  • NSPY at SXSW

    Northern Spy is throwing a couple parties at SXSW: 3/16 – Romancing The Wax @ Hotel Vegas Annex with A Place to Bury Strangers, Golden Dawn Arkestra, and more 3/17- Northern Spy Records & Double Denim Official SXSW Showcase @ The Townsend with Cuddle Magic, Odetta Hartman, Wilder Maker, Renata Zeiguer, and more     …

  • Shilpa Ray

    Shilpa Ray is a wailing, fire breathing Cyclops. She tornadoes everything in her path: small towns, big cities, and children’s dreams. One of her fans commented on a YouTube video, “If there’s a heaven, I want God to hire Shilpa Ray to sing the list of my sins.” Within a few hours, she had a [...]
  • Odetta Hartman

    With a heart - stopping voice & wide - ranging instrumental talent, Odetta Hartman carries cowboy soul into an era where country can clash with computers, and bluegrass isn't afraid of bass. Her debut LP 222 -- an experimental, bedroom-produced hybrid of folk, musique concrète and psychedelia, was released on Northern Spy Records in 2015. [...]
  • Spotify Playlists

        Office Ephemera By Northern Spy Records Our playlist is updated every Tuesday. Listen while you work. That’s what we do.         Music to Watch Plants Grow by By Northern Spy Records A carefully cared-for playlist of music to watch plants grow by / compiled by @ticklepolyester         …

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  • Renata Zeiguer

    ‘Picnic in the Dark’ is the enchanting new album from Renata Zeiguer, her second full length release for Northern Spy. The album follows Zeiguer through a dreamworld of magical realism as she navigates her memories and seeks to confront inherited dysfunctional patterns head-on. As Zeiguer reconciles her childhood and her adult lives with careful compassion, …

  • Brooklyn Raga Massive

    Brooklyn Raga Massive (BRM) is a collective of forward thinking musicians rooted in and inspired by Indian classical music. Hailed as “Leaders of the Raga Renaissance” by the New Yorker, BRM creates original composed music by BRM member musicians and represented ensembles, presents over 7o concerts annually with an ongoing weekly concert and raga jam …

  • Parlor Walls

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  • Larkin Grimm

    Larkin Grimm is an American singer-songwriter and musician born in Memphis, Tennessee. She was born into a religious order called Holy Order of MANS. The Grimm family owns a music store in Dahlonega, Georgia, where she grew up. At 20 years old she dropped out of Yale University and moved to Alaska, where she hiked [...]
  • Cuddle Magic

    Cuddle Magic is Benjamin Lazar Davis, Christopher McDonald, Dave Flaherty, Alec Spiegelman, Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green–a six-piece avant-pop band located between Brooklyn and Philadelphia. All six musicians are in-demand collaborators in New York’s musical community and work with a wide array of artists, from pop superstars like Beyoncé to critically lauded independent musicians like [...]
  • Amirtha Kidambi

    Amirtha Kidambi is invested in the performance and creation of a wide range of music from free improvisation and avant-jazz to experimental bands and new music. She is a soloist, collaborator and ensemble member in groups including Charlie Looker's early music inspired dark folk band Seaven Teares, Mary Halvorson's newest quintet Code Girl, Pat Spadine's [...]
  • On Fillmore

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  • String Noise

    ALBUMS Covers String Noise Buy Now The Book of Strange Positions String Noise Buy Now