STREET DATE: January 25th, 2019


LIP TALK is the project and alternate identity of frontwoman Sarah K. Pedinotti, and D A Y S is her debut album. “I imagined characters in the songs like scenes in a movie, emotion expressed like colors on a canvas,” Pedinotti says of D A Y S. Throughout, Pedinotti’s production mixes singsong simplicity with densely ambitious art rock, charming and challenging her audience in equal measure.

Pedinotti first started singing as a pre-teen, performing at her parents’ family restaurant and jazz club in Saratoga Springs, New York. The restaurant became a hotspot for music in the area, and as a girl Pedinotti got to meet and perform with Jazz legends as they passed through town to drop in on sets. The past couple years have found Pedinotti performing with musicians as stylistically diverse as psych-noise group Cosmicide, rock band Okkervil River, experimental-pop band Kalbells, and R&B songwriter Cautious Clay; on D A Y S, you can hear her drawing from all those influences and more to craft something distinctly her own.

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